Single Coil Jacket Expander Panel – turns your own beloved jacket into a maternity jacket (Only for jackets/coats with a single zip with one pull slider with YKK 5CNt stamped on it) by Zip Us In

Our award-winning panels enable you to use your own stylish jacket that you love so much whilst you are pregnant, instead of having to waste money on expensive maternity jackets. This simple, waterproof and wind-resistant panel zips straight into your own jacket and is fully adjustable, allowing you lots of room for your belly to grow. The panel is reversible and can be zipped into jackets with sliders on the left or right. IMPORTANT – CHOOSE THE CORRECT PANEL FOR YOUR JACKET: We offer 4 different panels. To make sure you get the right one, check if your jacket has a single zip with 1 pull slider or a double zip with 2. Then check if your zip has YKK 5CNt or YKK 5VS on it and choose the appropriate panel. When the panel arrives it will be ready to zip straight into a jacket which has the zip sliders on the left hand side. If your jacket has the zip sliders on the right hand side just push the toggles through the button hole and simply reverse the panel. During your pregnancy, you can close the poppers at the top to keep you warm and pull chords to adjust the panel to fit, releasing the toggles as your bump gets bigger. DUAL-PURPOSE – USE AS A BABY PROTECTOR ONCE CHILD IS BORN: When heading out with your baby tucked into a carrier, the ZipUsIn panel allows you to fasten your jacket around your baby. This is great because the panel helps to keep your little one warm and dry but also means that your baby is tucked in close to you rather than having a chunky coat between you both. So how does this work? Simply apply the panel to your coat, release the toggles and leave the poppers at the top undone to give plenty of space for your baby…Easy! We as parents all want a product which makes life easier and our versatile Zip Us In panels do just that.Check out the hood accessory for our panels by searching for “ZipUsIn Hood” or visit our Amazon Storefront. If you have any problems at all or need help in understanding how to attach your panel correctly, please contact us.

Product Features

  • Cost-effective alternative to buying expensive maternity jackets usually only used for a few months
  • Dual-purpose – expands your own beloved jacket during pregnancy – acts as baby protector postnatal
  • Winner of multiple awards for Best Maternity Wear & Best Baby and Toddler Gear
  • Designed to be worn over baby carriers, wraps & slings – Also a unisex product so Dads can use as well!
  • As sold in Boots, this panel is specifically for jackets with just one zip with YKK 5CNt on – see description

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