Womens Maternity Swimsuit Ladies Bathing Swim Suit Beach Wear Cross Front Wine Red/L

Women’s Maternity one-piecs Swim Suit

Size information

S, Busto/78cm/30.7”, anca/80cm/31.4”, Lunghezza/64cm/25.1”
M, Busto/82cm/32.2”, anca/84cm/33”, Lunghezza/65.5cm/25.7”
L, Busto/86cm/33.8”, anca/88cm/34.6”, Lunghezza/67cm/26.3”
XL, Busto/90cm/35.4”, anca/92cm/36.2”, Lunghezza/68.5cm/26.9”
2XL, Busto/95cm/37.4”, anca/97cm/38.1”, Lunghezza/70cm/27.5”
3XL, Busto/100cm/39.3”, anca/102cm/40.1”, Lunghezza/71.5cm/28.1”
4XL, Busto/105cm/41.3”, anca/107cm/42.1”, Lunghezza/73cm/28.7”

Package: 1* pregnancy swimwear tankini

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